F1® 22 The game we've all been waiting for is here

F1® 22 The game we've all been waiting for is here

Listen carefully! Can you hear the engine roar coming from a distance?

We certainly do and so do millions of Formula 1 fans that are eagerly awaiting the release of the newest Codemasters F1 title, the F1 2022 edition, sporting all cars, teams, drivers and technical changes made in the sport this season.

On the 1st of July 2022, we will get the latest iteration of the Codemasters F1 series based on an official license from FOM and every year we get a game that follows all changes that are going on in the real sport.

This year we will get all the new generation F1 cars that got rid of plenty of upper body aero foils which were extremely effective at producing a buttload of downforce but at the cost…

That cost is lots of dirty air, as F1 cars are designed to be fast because if you have a fast car, you are at the front in each race and you don’t need to worry how much trouble you are causing to the cars following you.

F1 2022 reflects the changes made to the cars this year to enhance racing by transitioning from a strong upper and underbody generation of downforce to a very efficient ground effect created by venturi tunnels channeled through the floor.

This approach greatly enhances the ability to follow other cars and increases the chances to attack and overtake. So far it seems to work in the real world!

New-season from Codemasters can’t start without tracks! This season we have both new venues like Miami GP, and older ones getting a revamp due to them being altered in real life for example Australian GP Melbourne track or getting touch-ups on other existing tracks to enhance the fidelity of the simulation.

Also this year we are getting much anticipated F1 Sprints. Those are shorter races which are held to come up with the final grid placement for all drivers on Sunday’s races. Due to their nature they produce much more aggressive driving and bolder moves as you have less chances to improve your position in the race but you can afford stressing the tires more since they don’t need to last as long as during Sunday’s race.

Other improvements are to the tire model, handling model, enhancements to AI, and a custom career mode where you can create yourself in the game and move yourself up the ladder in the F1 world both offline and online.

F1 2022 Features Trailer

We can all agree that playing F1 is extremely fun, but whoever tried playing any sim in a high end cockpit with a big screen, steering wheel and set of pedals, knows that there is no turning back from this.

That’s why we fully recommend getting one of our best selling cockpits which was upgraded to the PRO version. We are speaking of TR8 PRO which is our tubular cockpit that mixes elegant looks and fantastic rigidity for excellent sensations during your play sessions.

Combining them with a good set of pedals and wheels, which we also have in our store Electronics – Trak Racer , will make your weekend sessions something you will anticipate as soon as Monday starts.

Later this year we will have something truly special coming out. Our Trak Racer TRX cockpit, which is the fruit of a long collaboration with Alpine F1 engineering team and tested by Alpine Academy drivers. We can’t think of a better choice if you wish to play F1 2022 using the ultimate set up!

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by Jordan Thomas
by Jordan Thomas

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