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TRX features that you may not have seen yet

TRX features that you may not have seen yet

Perhaps you have been away from sim racing and Trak Racer and you are not fully up to date, let us help you catch up!

Last winter/spring time we finally released our long anticipated Alpine Racing TRX chassis with revolutionary features that set new standards in sim racing and flight sim equipment!

You play iRacing, rFactor 2, ACC, Microsoft Flight Simulator or even arcade games like Need for Speed? You will need a cockpit that will meet your needs no matter what you will be driving without losing any immersion.

You can go from F1 to GT seating position in matter of minutes which declasses the competition and here is a video of our CEO and founder, Matt Sten explaining some of the key features of our premium cockpit

Our premium cockpit Alpine Racing TRX was designed over many, many months with painstaking attention to detail from our engineers and help of actual BWT Alpine F1 Team engineers and fabricators who shared their expertise and feedback on many details and areas of the whole design.

With the recent blog post already mentioning motion system by D-BOX, we made sure that not only our 8020 style cockpits will be getting the benefit of that extremely immersive setup but also our pre-fab chassis like TRX which is getting dedicated motion platform with special brackets for D-BOX actuators that will make adding motion to your own TRX a very robust and easy addition to your home setup!

There is no better way to enjoy your favorite hobby than with Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX premium rig as there is no other on the market that provide you with toolless, quick adjustability for your seating position for your seat and pedal height with massive scope for customization for placement of your wheel base with our wheel mount design!

Get your own Alpine Racing TRX cockpit today!

Keep an eye on our social media and make sure to join our discord too! Share your passion and photos with the rest

Yours sincerely,

Trak Racer Team

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