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Sim Racing

From Couch to Checkered Flag: How to Start Sim Racing Today

Sim racing offers an exciting and immersive way to experience the thrill of motorsport without leaving your home. By understanding the basics, investing in the right equipment, and practicing consi...

Sim Racing

Why you need motion and why D-BOX is the answer

Haptic feedback is the golden bullet for any high end sim racer and flight enthusiast as it add yet another layer to the immersion and source of information on what is happening which contributes t...

Sim Racing

What's the difference between our Aluminum Profile Rigs?

Greetings! New Trak Racer blog has arrived! Another day, another blog. This time around we will go through our catalog of aluminium extruded profile cockpits! We already discussed the premise and p...

Sim Racing

Can you make money doing Sim Racing?

Have you ever wondered: “I am a sim racer but it’s just a hobby, right? Can’t I make a career out of it which would make my living? The short answer is “yes”, long one is “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees,...

Sim Racing

All You Should Know About Triple Monitor Stand for Your Racing Simulator

If you find that a single screen for your sim racing setup is just not enough for you, then you can upgrade your screen all the way up to three monitors, as long as you have capable graphics card a...

Sim Racing


Sim racing pedals are essential to reap the thrill of an immersive virtual racing setup. After all, no regular controller would suffice to give you the joy of an authentic drive down the virtual r...