100W Pro Haptic Bass Shaker

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With a rich history in the driving simulation and flight simulation industries since 2008, Trak Racer has established itself as a leader in delivering high-quality, high-performance, and great value for money products. Our strong partnerships with Alpine F1 and Airbus further underscore our commitment to excellence.

Trak Racer TR-BSA100 100W Pro Haptic Bass Shaker

Feel the deep, resonant bass of your music, movies, or video games with the Trak Racer TR-BSA100 Pro Haptic Bass Shaker. Enhance your audio experience and bring a new dimension to your setup with Trak Racer's innovative technology.

Key Features:

  • High-Performance Bass Shaker: Handles 100 watts for an intensified bass experience.
  • Enhanced Driving Force: Provides greater driving force compared to standard shakers, making your seating come to life.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for adding deep bass in compact spaces, such as smaller vehicles.
  • Minimal Distortion: Delivers enhanced bass energy with minimal distortion.
  • Flexible Wiring Configuration: Supports conventional series-parallel wiring for larger surface areas.

Product Details: The Trak Racer TR-BSA100 Pro Bass Shaker, also known as a tactile transducer, is designed to make you feel the bass rather than just hear it. Originally intended for automotive applications, it creates powerful bass without occupying much space. Ideal for racing and flight simulators, vehicles, sofas, and chairs, or any scenario where a large subwoofer is impractical, it can also be used in home setups for an immersive movie or gaming experience.

Easy Installation: Mount the Bass Shaker directly under a seat or the bottom of a chair to transmit vibrations through the structure. Trak Racer offers several specific mounts compatible with this speaker, including one that mounts under a driving/flight simulator seat (also included with the Trak Racer TRX Cockpit) and a mount that attaches to all simulator frames. Each unit handles 100 watts and produces more force than a standard shaker. It connects to a low-frequency, bass-specific amplifier like Trak Racer’s 2-Channel 200W BSA200-KIT, allowing for easy integration into larger setups, such as couches or love seats, through a series-parallel wiring configuration.

Superior Bass Transmission: Experience every thump and vibration with Trak Racer's patented technology, ensuring sound pressure levels are maintained without distortion. This technology enhances bass energy delivery from your stereo system, elevating your surround sound experience.

Enhanced Entertainment Experience: Trak Racer Bass Shakers add a tactile dimension to video arcade games, movies, stage shows, and multimedia attractions. By converting bass sound waves into physical vibrations, they make entertainment truly immersive. In video arcades, they transform audio output into body-pulsing sensations, enhancing the realism of game actions. In theaters, they make soundtracks and action sequences come to life, providing a more comprehensive entertainment experience.

Commercial Applications: Bass Shakers enhance revenue potential for commercial entertainment venues. With low purchase, installation, and maintenance costs, they offer an affordable way to upgrade and enhance existing facilities, providing audiences with a more complete and thrilling experience.

FAQs: How do I connect two shakers to my receiver? It is recommended to use a dedicated subwoofer amplifier, such as Trak Racer’s 2-Channel 200W BSA200-KIT, rather than connecting directly to a standard audio amplifier. Connect the two shakers directly into the BSA200-KIT.