D-BOX GEN 5 2250i Haptic System with 2 motion actuators (1.5" stroke/travel range)

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The D-BOX GEN 5 2250i Haptic System with 2 motion actuators (1.5" stroke/travel range)

Trak Racer is the Official Simulator Supplier of Alpine F1 Team and Airbus Aircraft.

Looking to take your sim racing to another level? Look no further than D-BOX's all-new G5 haptic system. This ultra-realistic, precise, and reliable system combines both motion and vibrations in a high-end package that's the ultimate add-on for any serious sim racer.

With the D-BOX Generation 5 kit, you won't have the problem like other brands where the affects and movement decrease when more weight is applied to the motion kit. The D-BOX weight limit is 460KG/1,012Lbs in full 4 actuator configuration, 345KG/759Lbs in 3 actuator configuration and 130KG/286Lbs in 3 actuator configuration.

Forget about inferior seat movers and frame movers, the D-BOX Gen 5 will have you feeling every bump and turn without any loss caused by weight. 

This kit includes 2 x Premium Carbon Steel Trak Racer brackets for direct mounting to aluminium profile extrusion simulators. No need to pay pay extra!

Licensed by the FIA, this haptic system provides precise cues for an immersive experience that feels like the real thing. And with the easy-to-set-up, 'plug and play' package, you'll be up and running in no time. The 5th generation motion system from D-BOX builds on the success of their previous generation, G3, but with a compact design that requires only a single discreet controller for a complete 2, 3 or 4 motion actuator setup.

For those mounting the system to a Premium Trak Racer Tube frame including the Alpine Racing TRX, you'll also need a Motion Platform. 


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