Trak Racer Brings the Race Experience to Fans at the Australian Grand Prix

Trak Racer Brings the Race Experience to Fans at the Australian Grand Prix

Trak Racer, a prominent name in Australia's simulation racing technology sector, eagerly presented the Alpine Racing TRX to motorsports enthusiasts at the Australian Grand Prix. This cutting-edge racing simulator offers both professional drivers and dedicated gamers an immersive experience akin to Formula 1 racing. Throughout the duration of the Australian Grand Prix events, Trak Racer made its presence felt, providing numerous chances for fans to experience firsthand the excitement of the Alpine Racing TRX.

Trak Racer showcased its high-quality simulator not only at the Quad Lock booth but also at Crown Metropol Melbourne and various other prime locations, ensuring that everyone had the opportunity to try it firsthand. 

  1. Quad Lock: Trak Racer's simulation setups were integral to the Quad Lock booth, attracting a high volume of attendees eager to test their racing skills. This was a prime spot given Quad Lock’s visibility and appeal among tech-savvy racing fans. Fans had the opportunity to win a TRX if they had the fastest lap time over the weekend. 
    car racing simulator
  2. 330 Club presented by Crown: At this exclusive hospitality venue, guests experienced the pinnacle of luxury and competition. Trak Racer added to the allure with the TRX simulator, allowing guests to dive into the racing action in a premium setting.
    330 Club presented by Crown
  3. Pitstop Park Powered by DC Super Heroes: This was a family-friendly area, themed around beloved DC Super Heroes, featured Trak Racer simulations that provided playful yet thrilling racing experiences. It was a perfect fit for families and younger fans who enjoy immersive, interactive entertainment.
    BWT Alpine F1 Team Paddock
  4. BWT Alpine F1 Team Paddock: The paddock was the heart of the action where Trak Racer showcased its Alpine Racing TRX. Positioned close to the actual F1 team’s operations, the setup provided fans a unique insight into the technological prowess and excitement of Formula 1. Drivers and attendees were absolutely loving the extra immersion and excitement of the D-Box motion simulator

Pre-Race Engagements

  1. Crown Metropol: In the days leading up to the race, Trak Racer was in the heart of the action inside Crown, offering guests the chance to engage with the TRX simulator in a relaxed, luxurious environment. This pre-race activation helped build anticipation and excitement, drawing in a diverse group of attendees, from hardcore fans to curious newcomers.
    Crown Metropol
  2. Crown Riverwalk: The buzz intensified at the Crown Riverwalk in Alpine F1 Team’s merchandise booth, with a special appearance by rising star Jack Doohan. Fans not only met the celebrity driver but also indulged in hands-on sessions attempting to beat Jack’s time on the TRX simulator, further heightening the pre-race excitement. 
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Fans lined up to experience the excitement of Trak Racer’s ultra-realistic gaming experience.

Incorporating adjustable pedal plates and wheel mounts, a robust steel construction frame ensuring stable gameplay, and three distinct wheel mounting options, the Alpine Racing TRX simulator offers unparalleled versatility. Its haptic feedback system delivers authentic resistance through the wheel, while the pedals can effortlessly transition between Formula 1 and GT positions to cater to various racing preferences. Racing fans at the Grand Prix were able to witness how smoothly the sim transitions between positions before feeling the thrill of zooming around the track.

“Every year, fans want to bring home the excitement of the Australian Grand Prix, and we hope to help by giving them a chance to try the Alpine Racing TRX,” says Matt Sten, CEO of Trak Racer. 

“We love to watch people enjoy the TRX and experience what it’s like to

Drawing on the expertise of the Alpine F1 engineering team, the design of the Alpine Racing TRX ensures that home racing enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the most authentic simulation experience available. 

While endorsed by motorsport professionals and Formula 1 drivers, this highly realistic simulator is equally accessible to home gamers. The acclaim from both the gaming community and professional drivers solidifies the Alpine Racing TRX as the pinnacle of racing simulation excellence.

simulator racing cockpit

About Trak Racer:

Trak Racer, a leader in simulation racing technology, has firmly established its presence in key global markets, including the United States, Australia, and Europe. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and unparalleled gaming experience, Trak Racer has become a go-to brand for enthusiasts and professionals. Based in Australia, the company has successfully expanded across continents, garnering recognition for its advanced racing and flight simulators, ergonomically designed seats, and a diverse array of gaming accessories. Each product embodies Trak Racer’s commitment to providing realistic, immersive experiences that cater to a wide range of users, from casual gamers to esports professionals.

Known for its durable, cutting-edge technology and user-friendly designs, Trak Racer continues to redefine the standards in the simulation racing industry. By revolutionizing virtual racing and flight environments, Trak Racer brings the exhilaration of racing and flight simulation to life, not just in its home country and the US but across the European continent, making it a global powerhouse in simulation gaming.

Trak Racer is the official simulator supplier to the Alpine F1® Team.

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