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Trak Racer on the track yet again - Canadian GP 2023

Trak Racer is a proud partner of BWT Alpine F1 Racing Team and once again that magnificent partnership was on display for millions of people to see! Trak Racer was on the track during Canadian GP o...


Trak Racer with Winners Circle project

Trak Racer visited the Big Apple to partner up and help certain interesting organization! Find out more in the blog post!

Trak Racer

TRX features that you may not have seen yet

Trak Racer Alpine Racing TRX cockpit has been released earlier this year and despite making a lot of noise among the sim racing community there are still people who are unaware why Alpine Racing TR...


Trak Racer extends its portfolio with Cube Controls products

Wheel rims and pedals are often one of the most popular searches online for most sim racers as the constant pursuit for the best out there within your budget is a fantastic source of adrenaline and...

Sim Racing

Why you need motion and why D-BOX is the answer

Haptic feedback is the golden bullet for any high end sim racer and flight enthusiast as it add yet another layer to the immersion and source of information on what is happening which contributes t...

Sim Racing

What's the difference between our Aluminum Profile Rigs?

Greetings! New Trak Racer blog has arrived! Another day, another blog. This time around we will go through our catalog of aluminium extruded profile cockpits! We already discussed the premise and p...