Meca CUP Load Cell 2 Pedal Set Without Baseplate

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The Meca CUP Load Cell 2 Pedal Set Without Baseplate

The material used for the manufacture of the pedals is 3mm thick stainless steel. Stainless steel class 1.4301.

Swivel and sliding bearings are made from bronze sliding segments, unibals on rods are used from the Automotive environment (stainless steel, aluminium, brass).

The rods are made of stainless steel logs with lathed threads. Each of the three pedals are equipped with a Loadcell sensor. The brake pedal is equipped with the 200kg sensor.

Electronic sensors

Leo Bodnar, 16 bit. PC connection via USB cable, Plug and Play.

Calibration via DIVIEW software,

Attachment to the rig is through prepared holes, as per established manufacturers. The grooves allow pedal positioning. The stainless steel parts are laser cut with a CNC laser. Pedals are treated with ballotina (shot-peening).

Lathed parts: bronze mounting of each pedal, stainless threaded beams, alu. brake segments, bronze throttle pedal stops.

3D print material PETG, electronics boxes, delimitation between unibals in pedal lever, gas spring preload.